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About us - The POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.

The „POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.“ with its central office in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) is a non-profit association of patient self help. This organization represents the interests of people affected by polio, but especially of patients with the post-polio syndrome (PPS), living in Germany.

The focus of this association as well as of the affiliated associations on a federal state level and on a local level is on a significant improvement of the medical and social-medical care of those affected by the post-polio syndrome, which is insufficient until now. Another concern is the prophylaxis of and the education about poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis) and its consequences.

The efforts of the “POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.” are directed towards patients and their relatives. Moreover the efforts are directed towards general practitioners, medical specialists, and physiotherapists, and further towards the respectively responsible professional associations as well as medical care and health institutions. 

The “POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.” counsels those affected as well as third parties in all polio-related questions, supports and promotes the self help of those affected amongst each other, and offers help with disease-related problems and resulting legal questions.

Additionally the “POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V. approaches the general public educationally by spreading information about the widely unknown post-polio syndrome and the primary disease poliomyelitis, in order to help overcome the isolation of those affected and to improve the integration of those handicapped by the late consequences of the disease. The federal association of the “POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.” was founded in the January 2006 in Bielefeld.

Throughout the nation the founding of regional self help groups in many cities and communities has been happening since then on a regular basis. The medical-scientific advisory board consists of five members, who advise and support us in medical-scientific issues.

In cooperation with the medical association, the federal association of the “POLIO Selbsthilfe e.V.” conducts certified advanced training seminars for physicians, hosts information days about the topic of polio and the post-polio syndrome, and is the contact for the press in pivotal questions.